Wheelchair Assessment


In TTSPediatrics, a lot of the patients we see everyday have accompanying conditions affecting functional mobility. Mobility – walking, running, transferring from one position to another is a vital human need. We understand that independence and functionality can be improved by the use of mobility assistive equipment (devices) and that is why we do our best to give the right recommendations to our patients.


Our therapists do their best in understanding the special needs surrounding the patient and assesses the wheelchair options available to get to the right match. Different conditions mean different solutions and depending on the need, adaptations can be either temporary or permanent, equipment can be simple, modifiable or highly-developed.


We will assess what’s best for you. The different factors to consider include:

  • The right seating (static or moving systems)
  • Manual wheelchairs versus power wheelchairs
  • Assistive attachments like electronic aides to daily living (EADLs) and communication devices
  • The environment that the device will be primarily used in (home, school)