•  Comprehensive Communication Assessment
  •  One on therapy: speech articulation, language & communication
  •  Speech and language evaluation


The main goal of speech therapy is to assess, diagnose and treat speech, language, communication and swallowing disorders in patients.

Communication skills are fundamental for healthy childhood development. If parents observe that their child is experiencing speech or has language difficulties, our outstanding speech therapists can provide a comprehensive communication assessment and pediatric rehabilitation to help improve conditions.

What services we can provide?

  • Training patients how to make sounds and improve their voices or an individual therapy that include: speech articulation, language, social communication.
  • Teaching alternative ways of communication including sign language for patients with minimal or no speech.
  • Collaboration with other health care providers to help patients increase their level of rehabilitative potential.
  • Training patients strengthen the muscles used for swallowing.
  • Counseling/educating the patient and family on how to effectively cope with communication disorders.

TTS Pediatrics has licensed speech therapists who are experts in their field with years of experience that can assist your child become more effective and independent through the individualized level of services.