Physical Therapy Services

Our Physical Therapy Services is a healthcare intervention designed to address problems with muscle strength, muscle tone, endurance, posture, and mobility. Our solution is comprehensive and we tailor our pediatric rehabilitation to address vital pediatric areas such as gross motor development, musculoskeletal deficits, and age-appropriate functional skills. Our physical therapists utilize therapeutic play, age-appropriate toys, balance and coordination exercises to develop learning of functional skills.

Here are some of the areas we provide services for:

  • Delayed Motor Development
  • Problems with muscle tone (low/ high tone) resulting in limited movement of limbs
  • Post-surgical Rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries (that are either acquired or result of trauma)
  • Observed difficulty with gross motor activities including crawling, walking, or running
  • Problems with endurance or getting tired easily when performing daily activities
  • Problems with balance and moving from one position to another
  • Possible need for assistive devices including splints, braces or orthotics or mobility aid such a wheelchair