Occupational Therapy Services

The focus of an effective Occupational Therapy program is really about helping a person maximize their independence and their ability to accomplish their daily life activities following an injury or disability. What that means for children is the ability to be effective at their own developmentally appropriate level. Depending on their age, their “occupation” includes playing, performing in school, and interacting with other kids of their age. When a child’s development is disrupted by an illness, disease or trauma, their normal “occupation” is disrupted as well.

Our Occupational Therapy services engage children in meaningful tasks that develop fine motor functioning of the hands and gross motor functioning of the body. We also integrate activities designed to address sensory processing and integration, perceptual motor skilsl, and visual motor skills that are fun and worthwhile to do.

Here are some reasons your child might need Occupational Therapy:  

  • Sensory processing disorders (under/ over reactive to specific sensations, textures, objects)
  • Poor attention span
  • Poor fine motor skills (hand and finger movements)
  • Delayed gross motor skills
  • Hyperactivity
  • Limited play skills
  • Poor social development and interaction
  • Delays in achieving Independence with self care skills
  • Difficulty adapting to change in environment