Home Modifications


Our Occupational Therapists are pioneers of functional independence. We do our best to enhance the daily life skills of our patients not only through therapeutic activities but also through home adaptation. Our therapists take an holistic approach of evaluating the patient’s home environment and uses tools to optimize them.


Home modifications are a great benefit to the lives of our patients especially those with sensory, movement impairments, and cognitive disorders. Through modifications, desired daily activities, safety and independence are achievable. Our occupational therapists may be able to recommend alterations, adjustments, or additions to the home including the use of hardware controls, low or high-tech equipment, furnishings or visual cues that can have a positive impact on the structure of the home.

A simple addition of handrails or grab bars can assist someone with difficulty balancing during transfers. With the use of this adaptations, the patient is able to maximize his ability to participate in daily tasks/activities.