Child Developmental Milestones


Developmental Milestones

Although no two children develop at the same time, children should be able to perform certain tasks at certain ages. Parents are in the best position to chart their child’s development, and can use these milestones described below as guidelines. If a child has not reached a typical milestone for his/her age, it doesn’t mean that child has not developed properly.  However, slow development should be a concern and these guidelines can help parents determine whether their child has delay in development.  Parents are the most important observers of their children’s development. If the child has special need(s), early intervention can make a world of difference.
Also, If you are a parent or a family member of a child that you suspect with Developmental Milestone Delay, you may ask the child`s legal guardian to contact TTS Pediatrics and make an appointment with one of our  licensed therapists to discuss the child’s possible need for physical and occupational therapy.

Early intervention can make a world of difference!!

Child Developmental Milestones Chart

Know what milestone to expect from ages birth to 7 years old.


Development Activities

1 – 6 months

At 3 months, raises head from surface when lying on tummy
At 6 months, rolls over front-to-back and back-to-front
At 6 months, baby can sit well unsupported. Occasionally uses hands for support.

9 – 11 months

At 9 months, baby starts to crawl
At 10 months, pulls to stand and cruises along furniture
At around 11-12 months, stands alone and takes several independent steps

1 -2 years

At 13 months, walks alone without assistance, can keep balance
By 2 years, is familiar with walking, jumping with both feet, and running
By 2 1/2 years, starts to walk up and down steps with alternate feet with help

3 years

At 3 years old, walking is automatic.Toddler is able to ascend stairs in an adult manner Can pedal and steer tricycle, can cut paper with scissors, can unbutton buttons Able to run around obstacles with ease

4 years

At 4 years old, descends stairs in an adult manner, hops on one foot
At 4 1/2 years old, throws overhand, copies a rectangle and identifies body parts Bends down to pick up toys with legs straight

5 -7 years

At 5 years old, hops on both feet
At 5 years old, has complete sphincter control. Partially dresses self
Expert at all outdoor activities such as skipping, swinging, climbing, and sliding