About Us
Physical and Occupational Therapy in a home health setting for patients with Medicaid and Private Insurance from birth to 20 years of age.

Why TTS Pediatrics?

We are a Physical Therapist-owned company and our in-house therapists have many years of experience in Pediatric Therapy. Our company has coverage all over Houston, TX with usually more than one therapist assigned to each area. That means, we have less missed visits and there is even a backup system if the primary therapist is absent or on vacation.

Professional Services

Where will the therapist be going to provide the services?

Depending on the child's guardian choice, a patient can be seen by the therapist in:

  • the convenience of their own home
  • Day Care Center

The Parent/Guardian is responsible to inquire if the facility will allow therapy to be provided on their premises.

Outpatient Rehabilitation


TTS Pediatrics will be opening

An Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility

in Houston.

Please check for updates as they arise.